Data Leakage or Loss Prevention Solutions

Solution System for Data Protection (DLP SOL)

Data Loss Prevention System

Specially Designed to Protect You Documents From Being Leaked in Public Domain


                                                                                                                    DLP Solution

DLP Solution

Over last many years lots of corporate companies in every country have faced this problem of data being leaked or stolen and published in Public and social media platforms.

Data leakage and loss is the biggest damage to the company brand value and loses interests of there investors. Companies have lost millions of dollar shares in a day due to data loss, or data stolen.

Clients database and companies internal confidential documents and other belongings.It was seen that these data was found publicly available online vi stolen company laptops, Company Pen drives, USB, Mobiles and other assets. Majorly these attacks are done by internal employees of the company or Various Company third Parties.

However companies need to implement some sort of solutions for there servers, hard disk, laptops, pen drives, back up devices to get it secured so that they can not be
Stolen or read by someone out of companies network or public domain.

What we need to know about Data loss prevention System.

1. What Data is Important for Us.
2. Where we have placed our confidential Data
3. How Data can be accessed
4. What is the flow of Data.

These are the major things which company should keep in mind to implement Data loss prevention systems in there organizational infrastructure.We provides you best standard advanced solutions used by top companies in the world. Our data loss prevention system helps protect data from major and minor data theft techniques.



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