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Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensics Training in Gurgaon


Cyber Forensics & Investigation Certification

What is DIS ?

DIS is the Globally trusted Brand in Information security and Ethical Hacking Training in world. DIS Consultants include group of Advanced Security Researchers from round the world who are real world Masters in Information Security. DIS is Providing Training via Live Classroom, Virtual Training Labs, Workshops, Webinars, Corporate Training’s, and Training’s via DIS Certified Training Centers (Authorized Training Partners).

DIS10.3:Cyber Forensics and Investigation Certification

DIS10.3 : Premium Cyber Forensics Certification

DIS10.3 : Cyber Forensics and Investigation Certification focuses on in-depth skill required for Computer forensics Experts, Ethical hackers, Cyber Security Analysts, Penetrations Testers and Various Information Security Experts to deeply analyze and extract the data from various Operating Systems in forensic Phase. This course can be done by both working professionals and Colleges Students who wants to make there career in the field of Computer hacking and Cyber Crime Investigations.

After attaining the Given Certification (DIS10.3 : Cyber Forensics and Investigation Certification) students will be able to conduct Cyber forensics and investigations and can handle forensics Evidences  as per industry Standards. Candidates  can handle various cyber crime incidences from various backgrounds. He could detect intrusions and attacks from any outside or internal sources. Forensics is a science where we have to backtrack the malicious hacker by using various forensics and anti- forensics Techniques.


What Is Computer Forensics

Methods by which Computer gets Hacked

Computer Forensics Investigation Process

Digital Evidence Gathering

Computer Forensics Lab

Setting Up Forensics Lab

Understanding Hard Disks

File Systems Analysis: Linux/Windows/Mac

Windows File system Forensics

Data Acquisition Tools and Techniques

Data Imaging Techniques and Tool

Recovering Deleted Files and Folders

Deleted Partitions Recovery Technique

Forensics Investigations Using Forensics Tool Kit (FTK)

Forensics Investigations Using Forensics Tool Kit (Oxygen)

Forensics Investigations Using Encase Tool

Stenography and Image File Forensics

Application Password Crackers

Log Capturing and Event Correlation

Network Forensics Tools and Techniques

Mobile Forensics Tools : Cellebrite Tool Introduction

Investigating Logs.

Investigating Network Traffic : Wireshark

Investigating Wireless Attacks

Investigating Web Application Attacks via Logs

Tracking and Investigating Various  Email Crimes

Detailed Investigative Reporting


Who can Attend This Training

  1. Students/Individuals
    2. College going Students
    3. Industry Expert
    4. Network Specialist
    5. Army/Navy Officials
    6. Intelligence Agencies(Forensics Analyst)
    7. College Faculties
    8. Government and Corporate IT Managers
    9. CEO/CTO and Higher Management Personals.
    10. Security Tester who need to find network based vulnerabilities and re-mediate them.
    11. Penetration Testers
    12. Ethical Hackers
    13. RED OR BLUE team Members
    14. Computer geeks who wants deep knowledge about Computer Forensics

What Will You Get in DIS10.3 ?

  1. ALL Virtual Machines and Virtual Environment for Students who attend trainings.
    2. DVD with tools , Videos , Practice Tests , Virtual Labs.
    3. Audio and Video Tutorials which will help in doing practical sessions at your study desk also.
    4. Written Test Voucher Code
    5. Online Test Voucher Code

DIS10.3: Exam Details

Training Mode : Offensive/Cyber Crime Analysis
Course Duration : 60-80 Hours(Instructor-Led Training) 2 Hours /8 Hours /4 Hours Per Day
Exam Code : DIS10.3
Exam Duration: 4 Hours (Written)
Exam Duration: 8 Hours (Lab Challenge)
Exam Fee : 300 USD (Written + Lab Challenge) Credits: 25 Credits (Towards DIS10:Diploma in Information Security)

Hands-on Training

  • Understanding Forensics Investigations
  • Digital evidence Gathering using various tools
  • Hard disk Forensics and Imaging
  • Computer Forensics using FTK/OXYGEN/Cellebrite Tool
  • TCP Analysis Using Wireshark.
  • Recovering Hard Disk Partitions, Files, Folders.
  • Encase Forensics: For files, folders, stegnography, partition recovery etc.
  • File system Analysis: Linux/windows/Mac
  • Tracing email /Email Header Reading/Spoof Email Detection
  • Network and Wireless Attack Detection
  • Web Applications Attack Forensics via Log Analysis Techniques

Cyber Forensics and Investigator Certification DIS10.3 FAQS

What is Cyber Forensics?

Computer Forensics is a science in which Crime Investigators  deeply analyze Cyber Crime evidences  and Cyber Crime Scene. In this Phase investigation should be conducted  in an unbiased manner and  take out minor to minors of findings  without affecting the original evidence.

What I will learn in this Cyber Forensics Testing certification DIS10.2 ?

In this certification you will learn how to  start Cyber Crime Investigation  Process.  Finding the hidden elements in Cyber world. How to go with Investigation Process. Understanding Computer Logs, Network  Logs and taking out the  important evidences which could be  presented in the court of Law.

Who will teach this Course?

This course is taught to you by industry professionals and is designed by industry well known security consultants from round the world. Course is been taught by well experienced DIS Certified Trainers only.

How it’s different from other certifications Vendors in market?

This course is completely practical based approach it is not just slide based trainings or big huge books based. This is completely a new practical full time approach for people who wants to get into security domain. This is the most advanced security certification trainings in the world.

Author Statement

A Forensics Investigation is a process of finding evidences and catching the real malicious hacker behind the Cyber Crime

DIS Consultants(Content Contributor)

– Mr Deepak Kumar, DIS Content Contributor

Cyber Forensics Investigator

What next after this Course?

This Course will help you Understand Advanced Computer Networking

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